Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why live in a house when you can live in a 4x4 camper-truck?

In a 4x4 camper-truck, life and travel go to a higher level.  

A visit to the grocery store becomes an anthropological study of a local market and its people in a remote region of the world.  An evening stroll becomes an exploration of unchartered terrain.  Neighbours become doorways into cross-cultural understanding. The road driven from one point to another becomes an expedition discovering hidden gems of nature and mankind.

When the novelty and excitement become too much, you step inside your 4x4 camper-truck, close the door behind you and you are home.  You are sheltered from the elements: rain, wind, cold stay outside. Your kitchen and your bathroom are clean, you have all the water you require simply by opening the tap and solar panels have charged the camper batteries. Your bed, with your own familiar sheets and pillow are there. Inside your 4x4 camper-truck you find the necessary rest and refuge whether in Alaska or in Zanzibar.

Outside your 4x4 camper-truck you may wake up and have breakfast in the middle of the Sahara Desert and some months later it could be in the tropical forest of Brazil. Parked on top of a remote hill, next to campfire, you stare mesmerized at the stars and at the Southern Cross.

Less is more!  Without the “necessities” of the modern world, you are free to slow down and savour life:
  • To wake when the sun rises, rather than when your alarm goes off.
  • To take the less travelled road, in whichever direction you want, unbound by timetables and public transportation routes.
  • To sit in a chair along the edge of the river/wood/national park and daydream, rather than worrying about deadlines and bosses.
  • To gaze at the stars and to remember that we are mere moments in time, specks in the greater cosmos of existence.