Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to make it liveable?

During the holidays, I spent countless hours trying to figure out the best layout for the "box" which is to become my "home" on wheels for long periods of time.

Specifics where written down. It HAD to have:
- sink, cooker, fridge
- seating for 3/4 people around the table
- a proper toilet and a shower
- a heater (using diesel fuel)
- beds that were always "made-up" (no finagling every night before going to sleep)
- a side entrance (back doors get too dusty) and awning

The problem is how to fit all this in a "box" that currently measures 1.9 x 3 meters???

Once I had a pretty good idea of how to organize things I created a mock-up replica with cardbords.

Hum, it wasn't as practical as I had thought!

... Back to the drawing board.