Sunday, November 18, 2007

Technical specifications of the Brimont Brutt

Quoting from:
Appearing in Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics, Publication date March 22, 1996

Brimont Brutt (France) - 4x4 2,225 kg Truck

The Brimont Brutt (4 × 4) 2,225 kg truck was developed to meet a number of military and commercial roles that vary from front-line cargo carrier and ambulance to forestry and fire fighting. The BRUTT has a forward control cab with a horizontal wedge front profile. Seating is provided in the cab for the driver and one passenger and the cab can be tilted forward for maintenance. The cab may have a hard or soft top with the hard top version having provision to fit a roof hatch for access to a light machine gun mounting.

The cargo area to the rear can be provided with side bench seating to carry up to 10 men and is covered by a canvas tilt stretched over bows. The rear area can also be used to accommodate a light weapon such as a 12.7 mm machine gun in a ring mounting. The payload for the open-backed version is 2,225 kg; if the full canvas cover and bows are installed this is reduced to 1,770 kg. The chassis frame is constructed from high stress steel with two box-sections and cross members, all precoated with a special anti-corrosion finish.

The axles are of the Brimont rigid type with optional lockable differentials. Coil springs are used for the front suspension and spring leaves at the rear. Anti-roll bars are fitted front and rear. Various forms of gearbox can be fitted. The standard manual gearbox is supplied by ZF, although a Peugeot gearbox will permit higher speeds. If the vehicle is to be used for towing light weapons, such as a 105 mm howitzer or 120 mm mortar, it is recommended

Cab seating: 1 + 1 (up to 10 in rear). Configuration: 4 × 4. Weight: empty 2,275 kg; loaded 4,500 kg. Max load: 2,225 kg. Towed load: braked 8,000 kg; unbraked 5,250 kg. Length: 5.275 m. Width: 1.95 m. Height: (top of cab) 2.48 m. Ground clearance: 0.275 m. Track: 1.5 m. Wheelbase: 2.78 m. Angle of approach/departure: 44º/43ºMax speed: 96.4 km/h. Range: 430 km. Fuel capacity: 90 l + 2 jerricans. Max gradient: 58%Fording: up to 0.9 m.

Engine: Peugeot XD 3 T 2.5 l 4-cylinder diesel developing (DIN) 95 hp at 4,150 rpm and 210 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Gearbox: ZF manual with 5 forward and 1 reverse gears. Clutch: single dry plate. Transfer box: 2-speed with differential lock. Steering: worm and ball, power-assist. Turning radius: 6.4 m. Suspension: front coil springs with shock-absorbers and anti-roll bar; rear leaf springs with shock-absorbers and anti-roll bar. Tyres: 10.5 × 20 MPT. Brakes: main servo-assisted, disc front, drum rear; parking mechanical on transmission. Electrical system: 24 V. Batteries: 2 × 12 V, 100 Ah. Alternator: 70 A