Saturday, November 10, 2007

Importing the truck into Switzerland

For various reasons, in 2012, it was time to officially "import" the truck into Switzerland.
It had to go through customs at a major border to get all the paperwork done.

Because the truck was not insurred, altogether it was easiest to do this process on a trailer.

On 19 September 2012, I drove the truck onto the trailer and the tow Land-Cruiser + truck on top of trailer  made their way to the border  - I love those mighty Land-Cruisers...

Everything had been prepared ahead of time and it took half an hour to get the customs paper done: out of France and into Switzerland.

 Notice the difference in size of wheels: Land Roamer vs trailer...

A few days later I had to surrender the French plates and car documents to the Swiss vehicle registry office.

When the truck will be ready, it will have to be checked by Swiss inspectors to make sure of it's "road worthiness" before getting Swiss registration plates.