Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Other exciting trips in a 4x4...

December 1974 - Trip to the Sinai and St-Catherine's Monastery (under Israeli occupation) in a rented Jeep

1979 - Tanzania: crossing the Massaï Steppe and trip to the Selous Game Reserve

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1985 - Trip from Rwanda to Kenya via Uganda and back.

2005 - Democratic Republic of Congo: Working for the ICRC. Except for radio communication equipment, the ICRC’s Land Cruisers are « stock » tropical versions (with raised air-intake and long-range double fuel tanks).

2007 - Chad: Working for the ICRC. When we drive through conflict areas, our only “armor” is the ICRC flag!
Both sides to the conflict (government and rebels) are informed of our trips. A minimum of two cars and four people travel in convoy. Every half an hour, UHF radio or satellite phone contacts are made with HQ to communicate our latest position.
March 2008 - Trip to Libya (Fezzan) with my Land Cruiser

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April 2012 - Trip to Tunisia (to lake Er-Reched) with my Land Rover celebrating being 35 year old!

in my other blog “Voyages & Aventures”.

November 2015 - Trip to Death Valley National Park in a rented Jeep
in my other blog “Voyages & Aventures”.