Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Just for fun: my vehicles in 1980 and 2012

Here are my vehicles in 1980, just before I left Tanzania:
Land Rover 109 Serie IIB (ex Forward Control) just before being sold
Land Rover 88, Serie III, diesel (the one I shall drive on my trip)
Renault 16 TX (a fantastic car - loved it!)
Yamaha 125 trail motorcyle
Chinese bicyle (used by my wife!)

And my vehicles in 2012, in St-Cergue:
Land Rover 88, Serie III (1977) - Same one as above, now being used "topless"!
Range Rover LSE, Classic (1993) - My dream car since 1970! Bought it in 2004 as an investment
Brimont Brutt (1992) - The "Land Roamer"
Toyota Land Cruiser (1991) - Now sold, having a second life in Algeria
=> Not pictured is my Yamaha 850 TDM