Monday, February 13, 2017

Emergency SOS !

As I intend to drive (sometime solo) to remote places, way out of reach of mobile telephone networks, I thought that it would be wise to invest in a nifty piece of modern technology. I received today...

The DELORME inReach, a 2-Way Messaging | SOS | Tracking | GPS | Weather Forecasts

This device is an essential two-way messaging device that works in the backcountry, or anywhere cell phones don’t. Whether by land, sea or air, you’ll have a reliable connection to friends – or help – when and where you need it. Use inReach SE to send and receive messages, trigger an SOS, get weather forecasts or share your journey with others. inReach can can used on its own or paired with a smartphone, and it’s rugged, waterproof and ready for anything!

Operating on Iridium, the world’s most reliable satellite network with 100% global coverage, you can go anywhere with confidence that you’ll never be lost or out of reach.

More info here!

A global two-way connection offers true peace of mind:
Pairs with Smartphones