Friday, September 30, 2011

Building the extension

I had bought and cut some "GRP" panels (Glass Reinforced Panels) to put on top of my brackets and to extend the camper-cell.

=> Started on Left Hand Side, apply glue

Present the panel carefully

Put preassure with a custom made jig (to apply pressure evenly) and a strap, let dry overnight

By the way, it's NOT easy to do all of this single handedly!
Nobody to help...

I have to cover things every night...

Final preparation of front panel, before gluing-it in.

Then I had to remove the "excess thickness" with a power saw on the Right Hand Side panel of the truck

You will notice that I have created a "hole" in what used to be the front of the camper-cell...

Time to glue the panel on the Right Hand Side.

Glue alumimium "corner" pieces

At the end, it's time to put the short "roof", more glue, more straps overnigt... 

VoilĂ  ! Finished that part!