Saturday, January 8, 2000

A Fantastic life!

My first experience driving a 4x4 was in 1972 with a Land Rover in Tanzania.

In Africa, I raced motorcycles (enduro), participated in car rallies (co-driver, driver, organizer, race director, FIA steward), I participated in the first 4x4 "Rhino Charge" in Kenya.

In Europe, I've done 4x4 “trials” and I participated as a driver in the Paris "24 hours all terrain" race.

In all my years in Africa, I have made many fantastic short trips, each more beautiful than the other.

A few years ago (2005-2007) I made extraordinary missions and trips with/for the ICRC in the most remote regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and of Chad.

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (x3 times), Mount Cameroon, Mount Kenya and the Ruwenzori Mountains.

My unfinished childhood dream is a river trip with a Zodiac inflatable boat, down the Nile from its source (which I visited in Burundi) to its delta in Egypt.
     => I started part of this trip, with friends on my Zodiac we boated a good portion of the Nyabarongo river in Rwanda. Nyabarongo is the main effluent of the Kagera river which flows into Lake Victoria forming part of the upper headwaters of the Nile and carrying water from its most distant source.

You can read/see more of my trips in my other blog "Voyages et Aventures".