Sunday, January 9, 2000

Back to the future - Madagascar circa 1953…

... I’m one year old; my mother is holding me in her arms
Notice the "pith helmet" she’s wearing in order to be protected from the tropical sun!

We're on our way from Antsirabe (where I was born) to Ankazomanga and are about to cross a river on a simple ferry made of 4 pontoons.

At that time, my father was driving a 1951 Chevrolet Stepside pick-up.
With my brothers and sisters we travelled either in the cab or in the back.

When I was young I used to go along with my father on his trips.
Tracks, sand, mud, fording rivers are memories of my early years.

=> Since my childhood I "ate" dust, this is where I caught the travel bug!

Who am I?

Born in Madagascar in 1952, I lived there until I was 18.
Between the age of 10 to 14, I lived on Mauritius island.
Next, I went to study in the USA. 

My first training is technical/engineering and I specialized in water.
Also studied business management and obtained an MBA.
For a long time I have been involved in the Development and Humanitarian sector.
I lived near Geneva and my work was foused on Internet and media.
Since February 2018, I started this trip round the world!

Young, I set goals that I strived to achieve:
1 / I wanted to discover America; as a student in the 70s, I hitchhiked across the USA from Los Angeles to Chicago on the mythical Route 66.
2 / I wanted to fly planes; I studied and obtained my private pilot's license.
3 / I wanted to travel and discover Africa; I travelled and discovered Africa.

In total, I’ve lived 35 years in Africa, 7 years in the USA and the rest in Switzerland.

I introduce myself as a "Citizen of the world"...

...With a Swiss passport!

My first passeport - I am 14 years old ...
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My first driving licence - I am 18 years old
I passed my test 7 days after my birthday!
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Summer 2015

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