Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer 2015: my workshop and fitting liners inside the cabin

Summer has arrived, took the truck out of it's winter storage and drove it back home.
=> It's high time to go back to work!

My garage/workshop is to the left of the truck
Here are my "stairs" to go up and down in the truck which is parked near the garage

The truck is parked to the right of the double garage which has no doors.

Lucky me, I live in a small village and at night/week-ends, I can keep all my tools/supplies
in the garage and have had no thefts (yet)! 

Oops ! - No wonder I was frustrated when parts did not fit!

Old sander which got worn out and new one  

This is inside the cabin, back to work now!

Liner in front part of cabin.

First task is to glue with contact cement a liner in the front part of the cabin. Most of the surface is not nice and even though it means a lot of work I'm going ahead with this job. The liner will be painted off-white later.

Liner in rear part of cabin.

For the rear part, I elect to glue (again with contact cement) what is normally a carpet bought at IKEA. 

Again, lots of work but it will give my cabin a "cosy" feeling that will be nice to have during the many years of my overland journey.