Sunday, July 26, 2015

Preliminary work: Water and Electricity

1/ Water

 Preliminary work included getting the wash bassin area organised + drill a hole for the water drain.
Next task was to prepare a double board (2 x 7mm) that will be a separating wall 
between future shower and living areas
 Hum.. my motorcycle is quite handy as a "weight" on top of the 2 panels beeing glued!
Notice the bottle jack under the middle of motorcycle
 to put weight on the middle part of panels

Next job is to glue this double pannel to the cabin

Next step was to prepare water and electrical chanels 

Glue and screw down anchor points for the 3 water tanks
Each tank will be fastened-down to the floor by 2 straps 
70 liters x 3, total capacity = 210 liters

2/ Electricity - Water - Heating

On the left hand side, under a cupboard there is a space where I wanted to fit:
- 2 Optima batteries (that will power all my cabin accessories)
- 1 Moveable, sealed box that will house my electric water pump
- 1 Heat exchanger that will heat the cabin (it will be plumbed into the engine cooling system)

So I made one subframe to house all these componants. If needed for maintenance, that subframe can be removed from its resting position.
Checking that all components will fit in allocated space
Building first part: housing for removable plastic drawer which will hold water pump 
(the grey box on top is "weight", while glue is setting).
All done: heat exchanger with fan is positionned on top of drawer
Making sure that all will fit!
Drilled many holes through floor of cabin: water pipe and electrical cables to go under floor
Looking good
Detail of rear set-up (subframe can slide out).
All done, perfect! 
NB - The batteries' clamps are not yet made.