Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Left and Right Blocs/Cupbords

To create the "furniture" for my cabin, I wanted to find a lightweight and resistant material. After careful analysis of various options, I bought my supplies from and placed a large order of boards some time ago (7 mm thick: one is side bright yellow, other side is grey). After many hours spent finalizing details of the best layout, I drew my plans and started to assemble the left bloc.

1/ Left bloc (which will be mainly used to store clothing).

In the garage, construction of the first bloc
Testing if it fits... YES!
Lifting the bloc to glue the back panel onto the aluminium T which is glued to wall of cabin

If needed, the whole bloc could be unscrewed and removed. It is NOT glued to cabin!

The 2"x2" wood is glued to the wall of cabin - It is NOT part of the bloc.

Creating supports that will hold a "top level" plastic tray.
This tray will be placed above storage space underneath.

2/ Creating the covers (with wood inserts)
to go as lids on top of blocs.

All done with the covers/lids on the left bloc!

3/ Right bloc which has the fridge, the safe, with a sliding drawer underneath, plus a small storage space
Double checking construction details during lunch break...
Adjusting screws are placed under the fridge in order for its cover
to be at the EXACT heigth where it should be!
Because of the safe, the right bloc is glued+screwed to the cabin.
=> The idea is that it CANNOT be removed!
Original cover of the fridge, before finishing lid is glued to it

Compressor sits on top of a small shelf which will be above water tank

1/ If needed, an outside went will be created. But I worry that dust could be coming in...
2/ The fridge and compressor could be removed in case repairs are needed one day...

General view while the blocs are being created...

Right bloc is done!
Bottom drawer: Closed - Open
Center section of "lid" (above the safe) is not a lid and CANNOT be lifted up
To the right of safe (above water tank), is another small storage space 

The fridge: top lid, Closed - Open

The safe: cover door, Closed - Open