Friday, October 30, 2015

Bloc for cooking with ceramic top (diesel powered)

Next job was to build the cabinet for the cooking top. I had bought a Webasto X100 diesel cooker with ceramic top. It has an air tight box under the ceramic top, with air inlets for a fan; two concentric pipes will take out exhaust gases from the combustion chamber within an air cooling tube.

The cooker top will be in the front right corner of the truck, next to the door.
The bloc will have 2 low drawers for cutlery and 1 deep drawer for pots and pans.

Drilling a hole in the floor for the 2 concentric pipes
Above - Below, floor of cabin
Each millimiter counts: here, I need to remove the extra thickness for ends of drawer slides
Glueing first "spacer" to side of cabin
 Glueing another spacer to left side
 Testing assembled bloc (boards are not yet glued): looking good
 One of the drawer's face has been removed to show drawer
Drawers need to have a cut-out for exhaust pipe

Winter is coming... That's it for 2015!